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Agile Work Profiler©

Discover Your Career Potential in 10 Minutes or Less with the Agile Work Profiler©

The Agile Work Profiler (AWP) is a college and career exploration tool that helps you discover career related Agilities that you can use to prepare for a fulfilling and successful future. Agilities are determined by your strengths, talents and interests and will help you make informed decisions when choosing an area of interest for college or when deciding on career paths you may want to pursue.

Once you know your Agilities, you can use our Occupation Explorer to explore different jobs and obtain the tools to speak confidently about current interests, describe your skills and experience on a resume, and choose from available education and training opportunities to get started on the next step in your career journey. 

Looking for new career opportunities? The Agile Work Profiler can help! Connect with your KC Degrees College Success Navigator for assistance!

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Introducing the Agile Work Profiler© (AWP)